Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why are we here?

The same questions are being asked over and over. Why are you going to the U of U for the summer? Why aren't you spending your graduated summer at home partying, or hanging out, or just to be with certain people for a potential last time? There are many oppurtunities being offered on a platter, however this is a once in a life-time oppurtunity. We had a test in the class. Our first one and we had the question asked by the very people here. Why is learning Shoshone important to you?? This was my answer.
I feel the preservaton of the lanuage is important beacause it's a HUGE part of the Shoshone culture. I mean sure without the language you can still have A culture but it would only be minute. Also, not only will we feel more fulfilled as Native People but we will make our older generations happy for not 'just ignoring the fact we don't, and didn't, learn the language.' We will be able to carry the language on for future generations, thus picking up the slack of the "typical lazy native."