Monday, July 6, 2009

basket making with Melanie!

Pictures of learning to make willow branch baskets with Melanie Smokey!


  1. well making baskets was ok but i couldnt comprehend very well man i wish i had the patience but ya i guess i wasnt made for that lol but it was intresting everyone made beautiful baskets mine was small but it got done im proud of it

  2. as you can see i'm completely blind and need to put that all the way up to my eye to see what i"m doing. Melanie is a riot! If you ever get the chance to take a class by her I strongly suggest that you take that opurtunity because she is funny, a good teacher, and all around great person!

  3. STEPH'S WAS HUGE!! HAHA That was fun!!! We were all ripping our thread it was funny. Melanie said you may not think it's for you the first time, but maybe the next, everything is hard the first time so don't give up!! ...She IS a great person, exspecially when she tells stories of her son J-haha:)